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Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers Q&A with veteran Deanna

JAY: This week's Dallas Cowboys-Kansas City Chiefs game is the first Cowboys home game in close to a month (after the Cowboys bye week and two road games). How did the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers stay sharp during this extended downtime?

DEANNA: DCRB definitely doesn't have any downtime even when the Cowboys are on the road.  We practice just as hard during off weeks as we do on game weeks.  Our director, Jenny, always says "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready" and that's a motto we try to carry with us throughout the entire season.

JAY: It's November and the high temperature at today's reached 94 degrees, a record-high for this day in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers are outside performing for thousands of Cowboys fans over a period of a couple of hours. Is there anything special the team did to combat the unseasonably warm weather and perform at such a high level?

DEANNA: We definitely didn't expect that weather in November but that is something you have to get used to as a professional dancer; dealing with unexpected challenges.  Although it was physically draining, you really don't even think about it when you're in the moment.  We work so hard on perfecting our performances so when we are on stage, we are just focused on nailing the dance and entertaining the Cowboys fans!


JAY: The new DCRB routine choreographed to the Lil Wayne hit "Got Money" was a big hit with the fans on both of AT&T Stadium's plazas. How rewarding is it when a new routine connects with the fans as this one did?

DEANNA: When you perform a new routine, you never really know how it's going to go or how the crowd is going to react to it.  We all kind of knew, though, that this routine was going to be a "home-run" for us because we love it so much! The crowd feeds off our energy so when we connect with a piece, the fans can really feel that.  It is so rewarding when the fans love our routines because we know all our hard work is paying off!

JAY: One of the new additions to this season for the DCRB Dancers is dancing in the field level Draft Kings Lounge during the Cowboys games. Describe what that is like from a DCRB dancer's perspective.

DEANNA: This is something completely different than anything we have ever done before and it really changes the whole dynamic of our game days.  We now not only get to pump up fans when they get to the stadium, but also get to connect with them throughout the entire game. The energy in the Draft Kings Lounge is out of this world and we LOVE being down there dancing for the fans.  During the game, we are interacting with them and keeping the crowd 'hype' which adds a whole new level of entertainment and excitement for not only the fans, but also for DCRB.

JAY: After the Cowboys 28-17 victory over the Chiefs, DCRB director Jenny Durbin Smith presented you with the coveted ALBM (A Little Bit More) Award. Talk about what this award is and what it means to receive it.


DEANNA: The ALBM Award is presented by Jenny after every home game to the person that she has seen giving "a little bit more" that week.  It is a huge honor and privilege to receive this award and it really validates that you are pulling your weight on the team and that your work is paying off.  After the huge Cowboys victory over the Chiefs, it was the cherry on top of a perfect day for me to get the ALBM Award.  I am so grateful to receive this award and feel so humbled to even be a part of this amazing organization.

Fans can follow the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Dancers on Twitter and Instagram @DCRhythmBlue

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