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Deep Blue: Connor Williams Overcame Bullied Past 


Season 6 of Deep Blue began last week and continues with a story on a current player. 

Usually, these documentaries cover a player or period of time from the past, but it's not every day when an inspiring story occurs on a player still on the roster, and with so much of his future ahead of him. 

But the story of Connor Williams is not a usual one. You won't find many NFL players, especially offensive linemen, who dealt with bullying in their childhood. But that was the case for Williams, who had to overcome many such adversities in his life to become not only a standout athlete in high school, but a starter for the University of Texas and an eventual second-round draft pick of his hometown team.

Growing up in near Dallas, Williams and his family idolized the Dallas Cowboys and now he's living his dream. 

But it didn't come without a struggle. 

Written, directed, edited and produced by Ambar Garcia of, this week's Deep Blue documentary is "Pushing Back: From Bullied Past to NFL Dreams." 

The story focuses on the journey for Williams, who leaned on the strength of his family to get where he is today as a starting player in the NFL on one of the league's best offensive lines.