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DeMarcus Well A-Ware Of Record Chase

It wasn't until 1982 that sacks became an official stat, which is a shame for players like Deacon Jones, but great for those of us watching today's game. It gives us statistical proof of how great DeMarcus Ware is truly playing.

Ware is now just 2.5 sacks behind Jim Jeffcoat's team career record for sacks as recognized by the league, 94.5. However, the Cowboys identify Harvey Martin as their franchise record-holder, with 114.0 in his career, and greats such as Jethro Pugh, George Andrie, Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Randy White are still ahead of Jeffcoat's mark.

In 1977, Martin was credited by 23.0 sacks by the Cowboys, which would be the league's single-season record had stats been official. Currently the official record is 22.5, held by Michael Strahan. At the midway point of the season, Ware and Minnesota's Jared Allen are setting up a Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa style chase for the single season mark.

"Jared Allen is a great player," Ware said. "Both of us are playing really well right now, and that's what we do. We rush the passer. And you've just got to keep playing.

"As a pass rusher you're always aware of what you have. But you just don't talk about it. You just get out there and keep working, and at the end of the season you just hope you're where you need to be."

Ware has 12.0 sacks already this year, and Allen has 12.5, though he has played in one more game. Following a career-high four sacks against Philadelphia on Sunday, Ware is on pace for 27.0 sacks this year.

"I'm just working," Ware said. "That's how I always see it, is I get out there and do the best I can."

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