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Despite Injuries, Davis Battling; Earning Respect

Goal-wise, where you wanted to be?
Yeah, and that pushes me even more, knowing that I have an opportunity. You can't be hurt. You can't say 'this is bothering me, that's bothering me.' If there is any way possible for me to be on the field, I'm going to be out there.

How about playing against guys like Polamalu and Ed Reed?
I enjoy that - going against the best and seeing those guys firsthand. You watch them on film and you watch them on tape all the time, but to see them firsthand and see the things they do on the field and how they're able to be so productive. It's a good feeling to be on the same field competing against those guys.

How good are those two?
Unbelievable. Both of those guys play the game great. You've got Brian Dawkins next week. To see all these guys firsthand, it really gives you a true respect for what they do and how hard they play the game.

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