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Dez Motivated To Get Veteran "Family Members" A Ring

If coming off a season in which he scored just three touchdowns isn't reason enough to be motivated, Dez Bryant has other reasons to try and have a bounce back season in 2016, both individually and as a team.


"I think 2015 was a year of adversity," said Bryant, who missed seven games due to a broken foot injury. "I know for myself, I just have to get better and use it as motivation."

He's also motivated by the closing window of veterans Tony Romo and Jason Witten to win a Super Bowl ring.

"My appreciation level for them is extremely high. I love those two guys like my own family members," Bryant said. "I'm learning a lot from both of those guys. I just want to see them in that big dance. I want them to win one. That's one of my reasons (of motivation)."

  • Nick Eatman
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