Dickerson A Correct Murray Comparison?

You tell me. On account of the Hall of Fame running back being essentially washed up before I got to kindergarten, I can't compare Eric Dickerson to DeMarco Murray.

Jerry Jones was around, however, and that's who he says the Cowboys' rookie hotshot reminds him of because of a similar gliding running style.

"He kind of has a glide, a little like Dickerson used to," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan-FM in Dallas on Tuesday. "

"He has a certain smoothness. He doesn't lift his feet as much as Dickerson did, but the other things he reminds me of is he runs with such acceleration and power. He really throws that weight around. You have some backs, 235 pound, 240, they don't run. They run on their toes, and they don't run with power."

Admittedly, my original comp of Eddie George was quite far off. At least in his latter days, like by the time he got to the Cowboys in 2004, George was one of those tippy-toe running backs. That's not Murray.

But Murray does clearly have some power to him, an ability to move the pile, along with breaking for long runs and showing great burst. It's hard to compare him to anyone.

A smaller version of teammate at Oklahoma, Adrian Peterson? Ricky Watters? Terrell Davis? We've tossed around a few of these on The Break.

Of course it's a little ridiculous to be putting Murray up against some of the all-time great just yets, but just in terms of style, who do you compare him to?

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