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Do What You Gotta Do

!Crayton is under contract with the Cowboys through 2011, but has asked to be traded.

it. It's a good ball." 

Hopefully Cowboys fans will remember all the times Crayton has bailed out the team in spite of the attempts to minimize his role, instead of having hard feelings now that he wants out. 

Barring an injury, Crayton will be no more than the fourth wide receiver if he remains with the Cowboys next year. Austin, Williams and Bryant are all going to be ahead of him. Austin is an emerging star, Bryant has a real shot at Rookie of the Year honors and, fair or not, Williams is still going to get every opportunity to live up to the price that was paid to bring him here. At age 31, Crayton doesn't provide the long-term value or potential that a Kevin Ogletree might. Since Bryant's likely to take over as the punt returner, and Crayton doesn't cover kicks, he won't have the special teams impact of Sam Hurd, who is still participating in the off-season program despite also requesting a trade on draft weekend. How does he even get on the 45-man active roster on game days, then? 

The writing is on the wall that Crayton's place on the roster is in jeopardy; that he's finally being phased out once and for all. That's why he's now staying away from the team's workout program and throwing sessions. It's nothing to be upset about from the club's perspective, and in fact it should be expected. After everything he has given the Cowboys, he deserves a chance to play for a team that really has a spot for him. Trading or releasing Crayton soon gives him the best chance to land on his feet. 

There's no doubt he will, considering all the times he's bounced back from adversity here. 

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