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Don't Forget About These Five Plays

1. 14-Point Tuck Rule
In a matter of three minutes, the Cowboys saw the scoreboard change from 13-0 to 7-7. After what appeared to be a disastrous play - Tony Romo sacked in the end zone, fumbling, and it was recovered by the Cardinals for a touchdown. The Cowboys challenged the play, saying that Romo's arm was going forward. That's the famous "tuck rule" that was implemented about seven years ago when Tom Brady appeared to have fumbled in that playoff game against the Raiders. NFL rules state if the quarterback's arm is going forward and the ball comes out, it's a pass - regardless what the intention is. The Cowboys get the ball back, get a first down for some breathing room and in a matter of three minutes, Romo hit Patrick Crayton over the middle for a 55-yard touchdown.

2. Folk's Miss
The Cowboys had just received their second wrapped present in a span of five minutes, pouncing on a fumbled kickoff by the Cardinals at the end of the first half. While the Cowboys didn't get a first down, it set up a 37-yard field goal attempt for Folk, who hadn't missed in five attempts all year. But this kick banged off the very top of the left upright and fell to the ground no good. The game remained tied 7-7 at the half and any missed chances for points seem bigger, especially when the game goes to overtime.

3. Hightower Screen
All the Cardinals were trying to do was get a few yards back and set up a punt. But on a third-and-17 from their own 33, the Cardinals not only got a first down but right back in the game. Kurt Warner's screen pass to rookie Tim Hightower resulted in 17 yards - just enough for a first down to extend the drive. The Cowboys needed to make a stop to get the ball back with a 14-7 lead midway through the third. But after the first down, the Cardinals marched down the field and tied the game with a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald.

4.Romo's Bobbled Snap
Again, the Cowboys had a chance for some points and saw it goes through Romo's hands. On third-and-nine from the Cardinals' 31 late in the third quarter and the game tied 14-14, Romo simply dropped the shotgun snap and the ball went backwards before he picked it up and got sacked for a 16-yard loss back to midfield. The Cowboys then had to punt the ball, which the Cardinals scored on the next possession.

5. Ware Drops Warner
With the Cardinals needing one more first down to win the game, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware didn't let Kurt Warner get to the outside, dropping the veteran quarterback for a 10-yard loss back to the Cardinals' 36. Not only did it force a punt, but pushed the ball back even more, giving the Cowboys more field position to drive for a game-tying field goal. It also happened to be the ninth-straight game for Ware to record a sack, one shy of tying an NFL-record.

6. (Bonus) Cardinals Offside
It's only supposed to be five plays, but the game had extra time. We can have an extra play. And this game probably doesn't go to overtime if the Cardinals didn't get penalized for being offside when Romo spiked the ball with just four seconds on the clock. After the 30-yard completion to Jason Witten, the Cowboys hurried to the line to spike the ball. But Cardinals' defender Travis LaBoy was injured way up the field and couldn't get off the field before the snap, therefore he was offsides. Instead of attempting a 57-yard field goal, the Cowboys moved up five yards and Folk squeaked a 52-yard kick right over the cross bar to force overtime.

Of course, the Cardinals made the most memorable play at the end of game, blocking the punt in overtime and returning it for a touchdown. In the end, nothing mattered more than that, but there were a lot of other key plays that factored into the final outcome.

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