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Don't Forget These 5

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Don't Forget These 5: Costly Offsides & Bad Spot


PHILADELPHIA – The Cowboys hadn't allowed any team to score more than 19 points so far this year. But in one half, the Eagles racked up 20 in a game that appeared to be a blowout waiting to happen.

But the Cowboys rallied back and made it a game in the fourth quarter.

Games like this always have plays that can go unnoticed, but still play a huge factor in the outcome. Here are five plays to remember:

Block in the back on CeeDee – Before the game got out of hand, the Cowboys had a drive going and should've had the ball near midfield after a 13-yard completion to Jake Ferguson. But at the end of the play, CeeDee Lamb was flagged for a block in the back when he put his hands on Eagles cornerback Darius Slay. The move had no bearing on the play but it was called, forcing an offsetting penalty since the Eagles were offside. The Cowboys couldn't do anything with the ball and had to punt but the questionable penalty wasted a chance for the Cowboys to grab an early lead.

Fowler jumps into the neutral zone – As the final seconds were ticking off in the first quarter, the Eagles had a fourth-and-4 but knew the clock would run out before the snap. But just in case, they kept the offense on the field and did a hard count hoping the Cowboys might fall for it. Dante Fowler fell for it and jumped offsides, giving the Eagles and first-and-goal at the 5. Instead of likely kicking a field goal, the Eagles got a touchdown on the next play for a 7-0 lead.

Bad spot and no challenge – It's unlikely this is a play that gets "forgotten" because it was replayed by NBC over and over. But the Cowboys chose not to challenge a bad spot in the second quarter when they trailed 14-0 and CeeDee Lamb appeared to have the line to gain. Instead of waiting for replays, they hurried to the line to call a play and ran a pass with Cooper Rush, who threw an incomplete pass. The Eagles got the ball and kicked a field goal. More than just the three points, the missed opportunity when the score was just 14-0 was a bigger factor.

Gainwell converts third down – The Cowboys had all the momentum in the fourth quarter, scoring 17 straight points. But they needed another stop. On third-and-4 from the Cowboys' 45, the Eagles gave the ball up the middle to Kenneth Gainwell on a draw. That's usually a lot of yards to get up the middle but he broke a tackle and surged across the line to gain to move the sticks. The Eagles were able to extend the drive and extend the lead with a back-breaking touchdown.

Can't capitalize on Eagles' fourth-quarter fumble – Down by nine and not having the football, the Cowboys needed a gift from the Eagles and nearly got it. Jalen Hurts wasn't looking when the third-down shotgun snap fired back to him. But although the ball was on the ground, the Eagles were able to get it back. The Cowboys could've had a turnover at their own 42 with 2:46 left. But instead, the Eagles punted it to the Cowboys' 12.

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