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Don't Forget These 5

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Don't Forget These 5: Dak Misses Late Deep Ball


PHILADELPHIA – Despite the Cowboys having a chance to win the division and clinch a spot in the playoffs, it proved to be one of their worst performances of the season, especially on offense.

Whether or not Dak Prescott was struggling with a shoulder injury, the quarterback didn't play his best, and he didn't get much help from his receivers. On defense, the Cowboys couldn't stop the Eagles' short game and allowed too many big plays at the wrong time. 

Like all games however, there are moments that might be forgotten but still had an impact on the outcome. Here are the five plays you can't forget about:

Dak throws behind Gallup – The Cowboys had gotten some new life early in the second quarter with a 41-yard pass to Michael Gallup, but two plays later, on second-and-10, Prescott had Gallup streaking away over the middle only to miss him badly with a throw behind him that he couldn't catch. The Cowboys couldn't convert on third down and settled for a field goal. If Gallup catches the pass over the middle, it's likely a 15- to 20-yard gain and could've led to a touchdown.

Woods drops potential interception – After the Cowboys had cut the Eagles' lead to 10-3, the next play could've been even bigger for Dallas. DeMarcus Lawrence deflected a Wentz pass that went up in the air and into the hands of Xavier Woods, who couldn't corral the pass and dropped it. The Cowboys could've had the ball inside the Eagles' 30-yard line with more room for Woods to run, potentially even getting some blocks to the end zone. Instead, the Eagles kept the ball and drove it to the Cowboys' 31.

Zeke comes out after 8-yard run – When it's third-and-1, you want the most physical running back in the league to be in the game. But Ezekiel Elliott had just picked up 8 yards and hit his head on the ground. He asked to come out of the game and was replaced by Tony Pollard. On third down, the Cowboys opted for an option run to the outside that was not only stuffed for a loss but Pollard fumbled the ball, preventing even a field goal attempt. Had Elliott not gotten hurt, he likely gets the ball on third down on a different play call.

Eagles find a mismatch for big gain – Leading 10-6, the Eagles were using quick, short passes to move the chains to this point in the third quarter. But on first down from their own 43, the Eagles found a mismatch in coverage with receiver Greg Ward lined up against newly-signed linebacker Malcolm Smith in the slot. Ward ran a quick out-and-up and Smith apparently thought he had help behind him because he let Ward go free, resulting in a 38-yard reception to the Cowboys' 19. The Eagles managed to score another touchdown to extend their lead to 11 just before the start of the fourth quarter.

Dak overthrows Austin on final drive – It's not easy to throw a pass that Tavon Austin can't catch. But in the fourth quarter, down by eight and needing a touchdown, Prescott got the Cowboys' fastest receiver in man coverage and Austin was at least 4-5 yards behind the defender. But Prescott's pass was too far for the speedster to catch. It likely would've been a touchdown, although the Cowboys had to make the 2-point conversion, and there was still 4:04 on the clock. That was easily the best chance for the Cowboys to score quickly and Prescott just missed Austin.

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