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Don't Forget These 5

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Don't Forget These 5: Watkins' Goes Back-to-Back


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The Cowboys once again dominated a game with defense.

They had turnovers and sacks and it was just enough for the offense to put up enough points for a comfortable 21-6 win.

But there are always a few handful of plays that can go unnoticed but still play a factor in the game.

Here are a handful from Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium.

Parsons shines in coverage – He rushes the passer, he stops the run and here of late, Micah Parsons has been covering down the field. On a first-quarter play in the red zone, the Giants tried to switch Kenny Golladay onto Parsons for a pass to the end zone. But the rookie linebacker got in front of Golladay and then turned his body at the last second so he couldn't get flagged for face-guarding. The incomplete pass led to a field goal and proved yet again the versatility of Parsons.

Short 9-yard gain to Schultz – In the second quarter, the Cowboys led 9-3 and were pinned back to their own 8 and facing a 2nd-and-10. But just a quick pass over the middle to Dalton Schultz on second down allowed the Cowboys to pick up a first down on the next play. That continued the drive and the offense eventually picked up three more first downs as they marched for a field goal, extending the lead to nine. Without Schultz getting that play, the third down likely would've been conservative and the Giants could've had great field position around midfield.

Back-to-back plays with Watkins – The Giants were hoping to get some points before the half and after Saquon Barkley went for 15 yards on first down, he had more running room on the next play. But Carlos Watkins chased him down in the open field for a tackle for no gain. On the next play, Barkley was stripped of the ball by DeMarcus Lawrence, recovered by Watkins. The Cowboys took that turnover and turned into three more points.

Giant holding penalty stops momentum – Coming out of halftime, the Giants were driving after a 31-yard run and a 15-yard horse collar penalty put the ball on the Cowboys 20. But on the next play, a holding call on tight end Kyle Rudolph put the offense behind the sticks and eventually led to a field goal. Instead of trimming the Cowboys' 15-3 lead with a touchdown, the field goal still put the NYG behind by two scores.

NYG's costly delay of game – Late in the third quarter with the Cowboys leading by nine, the Giants had a third-and-5 at their own 31, desperately needing to generate some offense. But a delay of game penalty on the offense forced a third-and-10. The Giants were able to get nine yards on the next play, but Mike Glennon was stopped short on fourth down with a sneak attempt. The delay of game proved costly and the Cowboys took over on downs and scored a touchdown just a few plays later.

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