Don't Let Pacman Mess With Texas

fifth guy, what happens if Pacman decides to slap around another woman? What happens if he becomes upset if a policeman in Dallas happens to pull him over and he throws a hissy fit? What happens if he decides it's time for another shower of dollar bills at some gentlemen's club here in Dallas, and I've been told by the big boys at the bike rack these joints are pretty salacious around here? 

Then you are reduced to Terence Newman, entering the final year of his contract by the way, and Anthony Henry, heading toward age 32 in November, and . . . . 

Well, Alan Ball, Evan Oglesby, Quincy Butler and a bunch of guys named Justin. 

Catch my drift? 

And this coming from a guy who is not a fan of the insurance policy, the Cowboys need to take out one more to keep their powder dry, not only to guard against another Pacman transgression, but also to insure being away from the game for nearly a year now - and likely 1½ years by time he is reinstated, if he is reinstated - has not retarded his skills, be they going on only 25 or not. 

Now can they get that guy, I don't know, because sorry, I'm not smart enough to accurately take 21 guys off the board and tell you exactly who the Cowboys will have to choose from come about 5:30 p.m. or so on Saturday when they jump on the clock at No. 22. Might a South Florida's Mike Jenkins be there? Or Arizona's Antoine Cason? Might they have to make a call on if Brandon Flowers is too short at 5-9½ ? And I'm hearing teams around the league would just rather not have to make a call on Kansas' Aqib Talib, hoping some other team will make the decision for them on this corner with more than overnight baggage. 

"With where we are with our (first-round) picks, that's not too high to take some of the corners you look at," Jerry Jones said the other day 

But then what if a Rashard Mendenhall slips or Jonathan Stewart? Might available talent outweigh need? 

Or what if one of those teams repeatedly protesting the possibility of trading a veteran receiver for a first-round pick changes its tune if a coveted player is there for the taking? 

See, nobody knows for sure. 

Come Saturday, the Cowboys must remain light on their feet. They must stay flexible. And unlike most of the rest of us, they must look past their current noses, meaning these drafts aren't all about 2008. 

But they absolutely must not believe they have satisfied their cornerback needs. Because when I read how Pacman repeatedly stated he had no knowledge of that Vegas gunman outside the strip club where the shooting took place a year ago February and then he goes up to Washington to pick the guy he paid $15,000 in extortion monies out of a lineup, how can I ever be sure Goodell is going to let this dude even play this year? 

How can I ever rest assured he will mind his P's and Q's long enough to gain Goodell's confidence? 

And I darn well know I can't count on him having become the changed man he said he has. Not yet, anyway. 

Pacman broke hearts in Tennessee. Guard against allowing him to mess with Texas, too.         

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