Don't Overlook These Guys

have yet to give up a 100-yard rusher this season. That usually means someone up front, particularly in the middle, is doing their job.

Marc Colombo - He's not going to the Pro Bowl. He's never going to get a lot of hype, especially with guys like Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode and Flozell Adams on the line. But Marc Colombo doesn't really want all of that. He's a pretty quiet guy who just seems to go out and do his job. Sounds simple. But that's what he does. You don't hear much about him, and for an offensive tackle, that's usually a good thing. He had a penalty problem against Minnesota this year, but other than that, Colombo has been awfully good. So good that we didn't hear much of Michael Strahan in the second half of that Giants game. In fact, he had Strahan so frustrated he was picking fights with anyone he could find there at the end. The Cowboys probably will have three Pro Bowlers on the offensive line, especially if they keep winning like this. Colombo won't be there, but the Cowboys wouldn't be as productive offensively this year without him.

L.P. Ladouceur - Yes, I'm talking about the deep snapper. And if you don't think he's underrated, or more importantly, don't think he should be on this list, then you certainly don't remember the 2001 season. Dale Hellestrae made the job look so easy for years. But after he was gone, names like Mike Solwold, Randy Chevrier and Jon Condo have attempted to shore up the position. Veteran Jeff Robinson had a few good years and didn't force Cowboys fans to hold their breath on every snap. But Ladouceur has done the same now for three seasons. And it's not just eliminating the bad snaps; you rarely see Mat McBriar or holder Brad Johnson having to stretch out for anything. Ladouceur gets it there on time and where it needs to be. Oh and by the way, he's a restricted free agent, too, at the end of the season. Make your bets now that he's going to be here, and probably for a long time.


Those aren't the only five underrated guys on this team. Should be a spot for Ken Hamlin or even Jacques Reeves somewhere. Bradie James is getting close to that level where he needs to get some national recognition, too.

But for now, those five stand out the most.

Or actually, they're standing out the least. And that's the problem.

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