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Eatman: Already Changing Tunes On WR Position

a doubt, we all would've expected Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to sign Matt Jones, the former Arkansas quarterback and first-round pick of the Jaguars back in 2005. While off-the-field trouble has clouded Jones' four-year attempt to become a wide receiver, the Cowboys have a history of giving guys second, third and even fourth chances.  

  The fact that Matt Jones not only played but was a star at Arkansas simply makes you think Jerry would go for it. Sure, the Cowboys want to develop their own young receivers, but Matt Jones is only 26. Why couldn't he be one of your young receivers, too?  

  You want a guy for the Wildcat, or the Razorback? Could there really be a better fit than Matt Jones, especially if you want to call it the Razorback. Matt Jones to Felix Jones? You don't have to be a die-hard Arkansas fan to think that combination has a little potential.  

  Sure, Matt Jones did some stupid things that got himself in trouble. It cost him his job with the Jaguars. But, we all know how strict Roger Goodell has been with his suspensions and fines, so if he's not getting suspended for anything this year, you wonder just how much teams should back off from him.  

  Do I think the Cowboys should sign Matt Jones? Yeah, I think so. For all the reasons I just listed, plus the fact it wouldn't cost you anything more than the minimum to get a player drafted in the first-round and who vows to turn his life and his career around.  

  Now, do the Cowboys actually need to sign Matt Jones? Probably not. At least not right now.  

  That's where my views have changed in the last few days. Again, not really sure why, but a lot of it has to do with Crayton. There's something about him that makes me think he's going to have a huge season. Not just a good year, but a huge year for him.  

  On our radio show, "The Lunch Break," Yes, I was joking on Wednesday's show when I said Crayton would be a Pro Bowler this year. Got a few emails that were probably sent sideways trying to argue with my stance. No, I wasn't serious when I said that because the Pro Bowl for a new NFC wide receiver is kind of like having $10 and walking up to Cowboys Stadium for the inaugural game against the Giants - you're not getting in.  

  Fitzgerald, Boldin, Steve Smith, Greg Jennings and Roddy White to name a few. They don't seem to be going anywhere. And no, I'm not putting Crayton in that category at all, but I think he's going to have a great year. In fact, I'll predict the best season of his career.  

  He's got a No. 1 guy in Roy Williams that can stretch the field and work the middle, too. That is extremely important to Crayton, who has sometimes been dubbed just a slot guy. But last year he showed he can be a good run-after-catch player and as long as that threat is there, it will open up things for everyone.  

  And although at the bottom of this roster are relatively unknown guys, I think there's some talent there, too. Watch out for Kevin Olgetree. I like his chances of making some noise because of his return ability. Jesse Holley has already been through the rigors of training camp via Michael Irvin. If the Playmaker thinks he can play, he must have something.  

  Top to bottom, I think the receiver position is better than it's being portrayed.  

  I still believe the Cowboys should run the ball more this year. They've got three good backs - yes, good. They're all good and two of them are in that "special" category. Still, that doesn't hurt the receivers, it only helps. Eight-man fronts usually lead to longer receptions, no matter if you've got track-star speed or not.  

  Again, this all sounds great in July. It looks good in practice with shells and shorts. Of course, none of this matters unless these receivers can consistently prove themselves in the games, and I'm not talking about the ones in August, although that would be a start.  

  Do I think the Cowboys need some outside help at receiver? Sure, it never hurts to upgrade.  

  Should they sign Matt Jones? I probably would because the reward seems greater than the risk.  

  But is it necessary? Not right now. That's

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