Eatman: Baylor WR Would Be Worth Risk

Obviously we know about a former Baylor quarterback who went No. 2 in the draft. Cowboys fans will likely worry about one Robert Griffin for years to come.

And his favorite receiver in 2011 was also a first-rounder as Kendall Wright went to Tennessee at No. 20.

But there is another former Baylor receiver who could possibly be just as good as Wright, if not better.

Josh Gordon, who sat out last season after being suspended for violation of team rules, has entered the NFL's Supplemental Draft, scheduled for July 12. Rules for this draft haven't changed much over the years. Team must designate a draft round as a bid for the players available and then forfeit that round in next year's draft.

In 2010, the Cowboys put a seventh-round bid for Josh Brent, therefore losing the seventh-rounder in 2011.

As for Gordon, a player I've actually seen play several times, he's definitely worth the risk. And he'd be worth the draft pick, too.

The next three questions are obvious:

Just how good is he?
What kind of risks are we talking about?
**And how high of a pick should a team be willing to part with?

*Obviously the Cowboys and other teams will have differing answers to all three.

Gordon was arrested once in 2010 for marijuana possession but was only suspended for the first quarter of a game against Texas Tech in Dallas. He caught a touchdown pass on the first ball thrown to him in the second quarter.

In 2010, Gordon caught 42 passes for 714 yards and seven touchdowns.

After that season, Gordon was suspended again and later removed from the team. He tried to transfer to Utah last year but ended up sitting out the entire season.

While he might seem like a problem child, the coaches at Baylor say he's one of the better kids they had on the team.

Secondly, he's a freak of a player. He's 6-4 big, 225-pound strong and 4.3ish fast. Big, strong, fast receivers with great hands are typically worth the risk.

And that's for any team. Now factor in the fact the Cowboys don't have much depth at receiver and will enter training camp with about six guys (with a combined 25 catches) vying for about three to four backup spots.

To me, taking a chance on Gordon would be worth it. Even if you had to part with a third- or fourth-round pick next year, I think it'd be worth it. If he keeps his head on straight, he can be really good. Sure, it's a high-risk / high-reward situation but for a position of need like this, I'd be aiming for the rewards.

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