Eatman: Jenkins For WR Sounds Appealing

I've said all along I wouldn't trade Mike Jenkins, especially for what the normal market value is – something like a mid-round pick. To me, even a third-round pick isn't exactly worth it.

Sure, you're thinking of getting another Jason Witten for a guy who will probably be gone in 2013. I can't stop thinking about landing another Robert Brewster or James Marten.

I get the point about getting something for a player you will likely lose next year in free agency, but if you're trying to win right now like Jerry Jones says when talks about open windows, then next year doesn't help you much.

So for that, it'd have to be a first-rounder or a high-second for me to part with Jenkins.

Unless . . .

And there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Obviously the Cowboys are fielding calls about Jenkins, with some reports suggesting the Colts are interested. I'm hearing there are a few other teams that wouldn't mind having Jenkins' services as well. 

While the Cowboys might have a specific draft-pick round in mind, I think I'd scan the roster of each team calling, especially at the wide receiver position.

Now I really don't know specific names of players who might be on the trading block. But this wouldn't be a bad situation if you think about it.

Teams like Jacksonville, which drafted Justin Blackmon and signed Laurent Robinson could have some extra receiver help. Arizona also picked up Michael Floyd in the draft and still have Larry Fitzgerald. Tennessee also drafted a first-round receiver in Kendall Wright. Surely, you can find a team that has some depth at receiver. And even more surely than that, that team could always use a good cornerback.

I know that draft picks get valued at a premium, especially around here. But this might be a good way to land a veteran receiver who just might be in a crowded situation currently. That's basically what's going on with Jenkins. He's a great player but there might not be room for him to completely show off his skills, especially in a contract season.

Before I just jumped at the best draft-pick offer, I think I'd scan the list for a wide receiver who might be able to step right in and compete at receiver.

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