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Eatman: These 5 Players Need To Be Playing More


It's funny what a three-game losing streak does to all of us.

When the Cowboys are 3-0, we're sitting back, soaking in the moment, perhaps even allowing ourselves to think big picture. Man, I think I even heard a question about where the Super Bowl parade would take place.

But now that they're 3-3, everyone turns into a coach again. I guess that's just the nature of the business. We all have our opinions on how things should be done a little differently and some changes that could help right the ship.

Today, I'll weigh in with my thoughts, focusing on five players who I think need to be playing more.

And before you start screaming for Blake Jarwin over Jason Witten, let me say that I did consider him on my list. And I do think they need to get him involved in the passing game more, but he's already on the field quite a bit in two tight-end sets. This isn't the past where Witten dominated most of the reps, and I do think Jarwin would play more if he was a more consistent blocker. So he was considered, but he is out there enough and I have five more guys that I thought were more worthy.

Xavier Su'a-Filo – I know I've said this for about a year now, but I really like what Su'a-Filo brings to the table and I think the Cowboys would be a better offensive line if he was starting. I know that the Cowboys have a lot invested in Connor Williams as a second-round pick, but please don't forget that Su'a-Filo was also a high second-round pick of the Texans back in 2014. He's started 49 games, including eight with the Cowboys last year. The only game Dallas lost when he started was at Indianapolis, and he left that game early with an eye injury. This team needs a stronger player in the middle of the line and Su'a-Filo would provide that inside push. I think it's a move that needs to be made.

Darian Thompson – Again, just like Su'a-Filo, Thompson is a relatively high draft pick for another team that needed a change of scenery. In the game he played in Xavier Woods' absence, Thompson was around the ball and seemed to make an impact. So far this year, Woods hasn't been as active as we thought coming out of training camp, where he was one of the best players. I know fans want to see Donovan Wilson because of his interceptions in the preseason. I can't say I hate that idea either, but if we're making a change, I think I'd start with Thompson.

Jourdan Lewis – Yeah, this is probably the easy one. And for the record, I think most of the beat writers covering this team were saying that heading into the Jets game. Then he gets the interception. Coupled with the injuries to both Byron Jones and Anthony Brown, it's not really an opinion anymore, it's a necessity. Yes, you'll see Lewis play more this week, probably because of injuries. But he was getting himself into the rotation more anyways, and I think it's something you'll continue to see. He's got some ball skills and his ability to cover the slot also makes him a valuable piece in the sub-packages.

Joe Thomas – If you got the chance to watch training camp practices, you noticed No. 48 all the time. Not only does he play a lot out there with Sean Lee being limited in his work, but Thomas plays with an attitude. Every time he gets in the game, it's like he's mad that he hasn't played a lot and he takes it out on the other team. I mean, this guy hit a player so hard one time that he knocked the logo off the Bears' helmet when he played for the Packers. He's a hitter, he's a good athlete and the Cowboys need to figure out how to get him on the field more. Yeah, that's easier said than done because it requires Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch and/or Lee to play less, but that's just where we are right now.  

Tony Pollard – Eagles head coach Doug Pederson raved about Pollard being a dynamic player who could be a problem. You have to wonder if he's going off of Memphis tape or the limited snaps in these six games. Hey, I'm not calling out Ezekiel Elliott here at all. I think he's playing great right now, but you have to remember what was said about Pollard when he was drafted. He was supposed to be a "gadget" guy. Well, when Cobb and Cooper are out of the Jets game and you've got Cedrick Wilson and Tavon Austin running routes and even Vontell Bryant in there, you'd think Pollard could be out there in some capacity as well. I want to see more of Zeke and Pollard together. He's averaging 5.09 yards every time he gets the ball this year, which has been only 41 times. That's about six times per game, and I think the Cowboys need to be looking at getting that number up to around 10.