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Eatman: Too Early For Playoff Talk? No Way

Now here me out on this one – by no means am I suggesting this 2-1 Cowboys team is headed for the playoffs because they've escaped with a couple of fourth-quarter comebacks against two teams that missed the playoffs last year.

What I am saying is that it's a long, long season. And IF, let's stress that word again – IF – the Cowboys can find a way to get healthy, stay healthy, stay fortunate and do all the other things just right, that yes there would be a good chance they can find themselves in the  playoff hunt.

Ok, so that's easy, everyone knows that part. And if the Cowboys make it to the post-season, obviously we'll focus more on those big wins that occurred in December than anything that happens in September or October.

However, let's not discount these games because, for no other reason, they're conference and division games. Not only are the Cowboys 2-1, but all three of their opponents are also 2-1 right now. And if the Cowboys can outlast Detroit on Sunday, both teams would then be 3-1.

Yeah, it's early to talk playoffs. I get that. But it's never too early to stack quality wins together against NFC opponents. Getting a win over the 49ers or the Lions might become pivotal at the end of the season when tiebreakers are involved.

My point is that while it's a long season, let's not forget the importance of winning these conference games.  

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