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Emmitt Smith Reaches Out To RB Murray

The standard for Dallas Cowboys running backs is high. It was high when Emmitt Smith came on board, following in the footsteps of Tony Dorsett, and it was high when Dorsett came to town, following the likes of Duane Thomas and Don Perkins.

For one day, at least, DeMarco Murray stood on the shoulders of those legends, setting the new franchise single-game rushing record with a 253-yard performance. He may have a long way to go to live up to their career accomplishments, but in the wake of his dominant performance against the Rams, Murray is being welcomed to the club by the former Cowboys greats.

"I heard from Emmitt," Murray said Monday. "Actually, I might meet with Dorsett tomorrow."

Smith tweeted his approval of the rookie on Sunday night, replying to a fan who asked how he felt about Murray breaking his record.

"Happy 4 him & the Boys," Smith said.

Later in the evening, Murray thanked him for the words of encouragement. The Hall of Fame back didn't address Murray directly, but added to the discussion with another tweet Monday.

For Murray, "a long time" is too much to project. The Cowboys haven't even named him their starter yet, and may not. Right now he says he's happy to fit in wherever, and thankful his current teammates are as supportive as the ex-Cowboys runners.

"I really don't care," Murray said of the starting job on Monday. "You're always looking to compete, but at the same time it's easy to compete when you're winning and when you have good guys on your team who wish you well, who help you as much as Felix and Tashard help me."

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