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Extra Mileage

!Like Romo in '06, Austin made the Pro Bowl as a starter for only part of a season.

always got open. In previous years he was strictly a go-deep guy. He's become smooth in all the short and intermediate routes, a credit to his work with Ray Sherman. And he's got the size and speed to gain yards after catch. 

The Cowboys should have enough offensive talent to get Austin in single coverage some. And by working more in the slot, he should have some favorable matchups. 

Like Dez Bryant, he's got it all. He always has; Parcells could see it his rookie year. Coming from a small school (like you-know-who), it just took some time. And eventually he needed a chance. 

Will it all come easy now? No. It's understandable if some view him as a one-year wonder. 

But he's talented enough and he works hard enough, based on what people around him say. He learned how to prepare from Glenn and Owens. And he's watched Romo - who else? - accept higher expectations and, for the most part, meet them. 

No. 19's encore is just another fascinating subplot to a season that's suddenly around the corner.     

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