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Rookie Mini Camp | 2023

Fassel Mentions 3 Potential Veteran Kicker Options 


FRISCO, Texas – A lot of positions are starting to become rather clear as the Cowboys begin the offseason.

Kicker, however, is not. The Cowboys still need one, as only unproven Tristan Vizcaino is on the roster, and owner/GM Jerry Jones has said it himself that he expects the team to go with a veteran, at least for competition.

On Saturday, wrapping up the Cowboys rookie minicamp, special teams coordinator John Fassel didn't sugarcoat the situation, stating the team is looking at all options at this point.

"We have Tristan on the roster. Anybody else on earth who is not on the team right now, is under consideration," Fassel said. "That's everyone really. I think we have a lot of different guys that we're still looking at – XFL, USFL, veterans on the street, younger guys who still haven't found their way."

Of course, adding a veteran kicker with NFL experience is probably the easiest route.

"It's probably the easier way (to go) because you know what you're going to get," Fassel said. "If you're going to bring them in, you have to be excited about what it is. There's veterans on the street right now – let's face it, there's Mason (Crosby), there's Robbie (Gould), there's (Ryan) Succup. There's a lot of guys that have performed in the NFL, and you weigh that against everything else. There's really no secrets of who's available. The good thing for us at the kicker spot is just being patient and deciding who that second guy is we're going to bring in, whether it's now or training camp."

And Fassel didn't even rule out the possibility of bringing back Brett Maher, who had a good regular season before missing four extra points in the playoff win over the Bucs.

"I think everything is on the table," Fassel said. "Let's face it, if you look at Brett, he had a great year. He had a bad game. But he played 22 game, but he had a bad game-and-a-half. I think everyone's on the table. I'm proud of what Brett did here. If he gets a shot here or somewhere else, I'm sure he'll perform well."