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Feed The Monster

the Chargers just had to keep around. So Turner was odd man out and ended up going to the Falcons, where he's now one of the best backs in the NFL. 

OK, so if Choice is really a lot like Turner then maybe the Cowboys need to make sure they keep him around. But I can see some similarities there for a guy who might be really good, but it's going to be tough to evaluate because he has trouble getting on the field.  

I will say this about Choice: he may not be the fastest, strongest or most exciting of the backs, but he's been the most durable. And there's something to be said for that. Emmitt Smith was the most durable back of his era and that's why he's got a record that may never be broken, at least not for a while.  

Because Choice has been so durable, it forces him to stay ready - ready to play when his number is called. But the fact of the matter is, the Cowboys still have a little higher numbers to play in Barber and Felix. When they're on, they have to be out there.  

Again, this team has plenty of problems. The Cowboys could only wish they had more problems like this one.      

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