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Feeling The Churn

!Seven different players, including WR Jesse Holley, have been called up from the practice squad.

to have on your football team." 

Even looking at the overall transactions, the Cowboys didn't do as many under Phillips, who brought a different approach than what Bill Parcells used to preach.  

Over and over, we heard Parcells talk about "churning the bottom of the roster." It wasn't just a scare tactic, although that tends to work sometimes, too. It's a form of evaluating players.  

Again, it's all about the approach.  

Wade Phillips stressed a more family-like atmosphere. He wasn't the type of coach to constantly rotate the bottom side of the roster because he wanted the players to have a sense of accomplishment for making the team. He felt like if you've been here working every day, that you shouldn't constantly have to worry about job security. 

Parcells was the opposite.  

From the looks of things, it sounds like Garrett is as well.  

But at the end of the day - or better yet the end of this season - that's one area where turnover isn't such a great thing.  

Not only does it hurt chemistry and continuity, but the more changes that are made typically means the team is still searching for answers, in hopes that someone - anyone - can fill the void. 

While the Cowboys are getting a free look at many players they never dreamed would be on the roster, it's just another sign - one of many - why this team has struggled this season.              

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