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First Big Test

cornerback duo of Samuel and Brown. If that happens, coupled with a Cowboys win, Miles Austin won't just be on top of the world. He'll own it.  

Trust me when I say that I hope it happens. This is a great story. If you think about it, it's not that different than what Tony Romo did and continues to do. An undrafted guy who gets a chance, but has to sit and learn for a while. Finally, his time arrives and he explodes.  

It's an exciting time for him and the Cowboys and certainly their fans. You can understand why they jump the gun with hope that a stud receiver has fallen directly in their lap. After the way Michael Irvin's career ended, Joey Galloway never panned out as expected, and guys like Terry Glenn, Keyshawn Johnson and even Terrell Owens all had their moments. But none of them carried this team on their back. And for now, it's starting to look like Roy Williams can be placed in that category. 

So you can't blame the fans for desperately wanting Austin to be the next superstar. He's a great guy, plays the game hard, but with a ton of excitement. Who wouldn't want this guy to be their superstar?  

Now the jury is no longer out whether Austin can play. He proved to everyone that he's not only worthy of starting, but can be a dangerous weapon for this Cowboys offense.  

What remains uncertain and likely won't be settled for the rest of this season, is if Austin truly is the consistent playmaker that he's portrayed to be.  

But there won't be a better game to find that out than Sunday night in Philadelphia.          

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