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Flo Real

!Adams started all 16 games this season for the Steelers, despite moving over to right tackle.

On the challenge of moving from left tackle to right tackle:
Adams: "You're used to setting left, now you have to switch to right. You have to switch your style. So, the first preseason game I was happy I got my set right. But then, I took a step and this guy ran right by me and I thought, 'Man, it's going to be a long training camp!'"

On the challenge of going up against Clay Matthews:
Adams:"Clay's a great player, so it'll be a great matchup whoever he goes against because he flops sides and everything. I'm just looking forward to the challenge."

On the transition from Dallas to Pittsburgh:
Adams: "It was tough for a little bit because I'd never been in that situation before. When I got there I was like, 'OK, how are these guys going to react to me?' But they all embraced me with open arms and just showed me the ropes and all of the things I needed to know."

On having a "home field" advantage this week:
Adams: "You know, I lived here for 12 years and so it feels like you're at home because I've been everywhere in Dallas. It's only been seven or eight months. I'm going to take the guys some places around town, first to Bob's Steak House."

On how far in advance he thought about playing a Super Bowl in Dallas:
Adams: "In the playoffs you just concentrate on the team you're playing. We played Baltimore, and then the Jets, and then when you make it you think, 'Super Bowl, Super Bowl,' and now I've got questions about how I feel about going to Dallas. But as long as the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl, you don't care where it's being played."

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