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!Tony Romo said he hopes to organize practices and workouts in case of a work-stoppage.

constantly hounded for interviews and all that.  

Again, maybe I'm falling into the trap that Romo is talking about all along - how we don't really see the whole picture. We don't see Romo jumping on one of his linemen during practice and causing a scene. And we don't see Romo and his receivers engaging in an Xbox war during training camp. But it doesn't mean it's not going on.  

"Everybody has a different style," Romo said. "Bill Belichick is different than Bill Parcells. I say that because they're both tough and stern. Parcells is very in your face about it. Belichick is in your face behind closed doors." 

One way we really could see some strong leadership from Romo and the other players this season is if and when a work-stoppage takes place, something we're all thinking about.  

If there really is an owners' lockout, Romo said he plans to take charge and organize either throwing sessions or maybe even full practices.  

"We will; we're going to get a jumpstart," Romo said. "Either way, we're going to be in a good position. I think we've got guys that will be committed, and (if not), I'll be on people. We'll be there."  

While organizing his millionaire teammates to get off the couch and run a few passes at a local junior high might not seem too difficult for some, it won't be the easiest task to complete, especially if it's frowned upon by the players' union.  

But Romo seems rather committed to it. And if that happens, that would indeed go down as an ultimate example of leadership.  

Of course by then, I'm sure we'll be on Romo about something completely different.      

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