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Former Cowboys CB Breaks Down Eagles Match-Up

Cowboys Offense vs. Eagles Defense:
On this side of the ball, its' about the passing game. Terrell Owens and Roy Williams against the Eagles' cornerbacks Asante Samuel and Lito Sheppard. The Cowboys' have to put up points. The first time around, Terrell Owens had a big day. He got down the field and he was able to beat coverage. The receivers have to have a big day again because you know the Eagles will be looking to score some points, too. I think the weather can be a factor, but I still think the Cowboys should be prepared. They've played in Pittsburgh and Washington. But it doesn't matter, the Cowboys have to score some points. This team is built around scoring points.

Eagles Offense vs. Cowboys Defense:
The Philadelphia offense starts with Brian Westbrook. He's going to have 25 to 35 touches between in the backfield and at receiver. They'll throw him screens, they'll hand the ball off to him. You have to know where he is at all times, and you have to tackle him. I think last week the Cowboys did a poor job of tackling against Baltimore. They have to do a better job this week. Ken Hamlin and Keith Davis have to do a better job of tackling. The safeties have to tackle.

The Cowboys Win If . . .
Tony Romo protects the football and there are no special teams blunders. It sounds repetitive, but when you look at the games the Cowboys have lost, it's been about turnovers and special teams mistakes. And on defense, the Cowboys just have to tackle and make sure they don't have mental mistakes. When you look at those two big runs last week against Baltimore, both were mental mistakes. Davis went in motion when he should've stayed there, and then Hamlin was lined up too tight to the line when he should've been back. Those are mental breakdowns.

The Eagles Win If . . .
The Eagles win if Westbrook has over a 100 yards rushing or 100 yards receiving. He's their leading rusher and sometimes their leading receiver, too. But if he has a big day like that, I don't think the Cowboys can beat them.

Eagles Eye-catchers . . .
I'd have to say rookie DeSean Jackson. He was a guy that was supposed to be a first-round pick, but teams slid on him. There were a lot of questions about his size and his ability, but he's come in and has been a major asset, not only in the passing game, but as a kick returner as well.

Cowboys Eye-catchers . . .
I think the guy that is playing well that people keep overlooking is Bradie James. Last week he had 10 tackles and a sack. I think he got snubbed on the Pro Bowl. He's been playing great every week, but no one is really talking about him. He's one of the guys that has really caught my attention the last few weeks.

Larry's Favorite Eagles Memory:
I used to hate going up there because you know the fans are going to be so crazy. I'll never forget seeing these fans coming into the stadium carrying a coffin with a Troy Aikman doll inside of it, with a fake knife stabbed into it. And so these guys are going to a security check point, where they look through your bags and make sure you don't have any alcohol or anything like that. They look through the coffin, make sure there's no beer, and they let them go inside. I just couldn't believe they were going to allow these guys to go into the stadium like that with a coffin. Only in Philadelphia.

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