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Full Plate Weekend

Do you think Marion Barber will play this week?
Jones: Yes . . . he did more yesterday than we thought. I'd like to reserve that until after practice, but he is aggressive out there at practice and listening to how he responded yesterday, and listening to these trainers, he should be able to go.

What about the status of Felix Jones?
Jones: He's going to rest. He is not going to do anything today.

Will he miss this week and try to go next week?
Jones: More than likely yes, that is about what you would expect.

Do you think Barber's anxiousness to play was a reason for last year's misunderstanding about you being surprised he didn't play in Pittsburgh?
Jones: I don't think so at all. I wouldn't make anything in to that. I think he wants to play and I'm glad that he is feeling as good as he is. I think we made the right decision last week.

Do you foresee a scenario that makes Tashard Choice the starter this week and Barber comes back in a limited role?
Jones: I don't know about that. That has everything to do with how Barber does the next couple of days. Yesterday was just a walk-through. We will see how this one with pads works today. If he is doing good and is strong, I imagine he would go the way he would have before he was injured.

Are you worried that DeMarcus Ware has no sacks in three games?
Jones: The way he plays, he can get three in three plays. I don't make much out of it at all. I see his play and his play is capable of getting a lot of sacks and has been capable of getting sacks. It just hasn't fallen for him. He has had a couple of them that could easily have brought them down and made the sack. I'm not concerned about that definition of how is playing. He is playing good.

Do you like the offense now because it's more of a run-oriented attack?
Jones: It gives you more flexibility in what you can do. Those plays are there. Those downfield plays are there when you can run the ball. The passing plays are there. I feel when we need it, they will be there. We will take it.

How careful does Flozell Adams have to be now that he's received three fines in three games?
Jones: I don't know about that. I know we are going to hold him out today because of precaution. I don't think he's created any undo scrutiny.

Do you think there is a chance Chauncey Washington moves up this week and plays?
Jones: There is a good chance he could be up. We will again want to see how he practices here the next couple of days.

How excited are you to see Arkansas coming to the new stadium this weekend?
Jones: That's really one of the highlights that I've had, period. It's surreal almost to think they're going to playing here, and playing the Aggies. Of course, we've got a great Cowboys fan base that is Texas A&M alumni. The combination of it is really going to make an exciting day out of it. The bottom line, at the end of the day, this has to be one of the real highlights of my time involved in pro sports.

What will make this game so unique?
Jones: This is going to have all of the pageantry. We've been trying to demonstrate that this could be the home away from home for these college teams. It could look like College Station on one end and Fayetteville on the other.

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