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Garrett For Hire

!Garrett finished the second half of the season with a 5-3 record as interim head coach.

lockout on the horizon, the last thing Jerry really wants to do is hire some big-name coach and then pay him not to coach for a few months.

Let's not forget about Garrett's contract. To get another coach means you'd probably have to fire Garrett. I doubt he would stick around as the offensive coordinator for someone else. So that's $3 million a season for Garrett to be gone, and then who knows how much for the next guy to come in here. All that kind of money when you're not sure when (or even if) a season might begin.

The best thing to do, and the easiest, would be to hire Garrett. At least the system is already in place.

  1. Payton, Sparano, Haley - How many other coaches are going to come through here without Jerry Jones hiring them as the head coach? Sure, the timing was not right to keep Sean Payton, who went to New Orleans and has them back in the playoffs this year to defend their Super Bowl title. When Payton got hired to the Saints, Bill Parcells was still the head coach and there was no way Jerry Jones would've fired him to hire Payton. Still, I'm sure it makes him cringe to see how successful Payton has been, and knowing he was right here for three years.

As for guys like Todd Haley and Tony Sparano - two coaches who actually interviewed for the head coaching job in 2007 when Phillips was hired - it's just two more examples of quality coaches who are coaching other teams and has had both of them in the playoffs. Of course, Sparano's future in Miami doesn't look too hot - that's how it goes.

But the combination of those other young coaches, coupled with the No. 1 reason about Garrett being Jerry's guy all along, it doesn't make sense to let him go.

  1. Long-Term Potential - One thing about hiring a big-name coach who has won a Super Bowl, you never know how long you may have him. Guys like Bill Cowher left his gig in Pittsburgh to be with his family. While he still is a great coach, you're not sure how long he wants to do it. Jon Gruden was fired in Tampa Bay but he sure hasn't been in a hurry to get back into coaching. He's probably waiting for the right job and I'm sure the Cowboys' job would fall under that category.

What the Cowboys need is a little consistency at the position. In fact, all teams need that. They just need an owner that can live with a down season or two. Jeff Fisher hasn't been winning every year. Bill Cowher didn't win every year. Even Bill Belichick and his Patriots missed the playoffs in between winning three Super Bowls.

My point is, the Cowboys need a coach they can be patient with. That doesn't mean Jerry doesn't want to win right now. And it doesn't mean he doesn't expect to win right now.

Whoever is hired, it will be someone that Jerry Jones believes can and will be successful right now. But at the same time, the Cowboys need a coach that can be here for a while. To me, those five reasons are why Jerry Jones will hire Jason Garrett as head coach. If that's not enough and you need a sixth reason, then how about Jerry's answer after the game Sunday in Philly when asked if the new coach would be able to hire his own staff.

Jerry responded by saying he thought "Jason should be able to have some input in that."

Sounds like a done deal to me.

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