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Garrett Likes Camp's Return To California

Jason Garrett has made it clear he prefers to do things the old-school way in training camp, most noticeably by having the players in full pads and hitting most days.

That traditional approach would be the case whether camp was held indoors at the Alamodome in San Antonio or Cowboys Stadium over in Arlington, but the Cowboys' return to Oxnard, Calif. for the next three years means Garrett's camps for the forseeable future will be outdoors, on grass - so old school.

The coach has laid out the benefits of practicing in San Antonio before, but knows there are also plenty of good things about returning to the Southern California farming community that the Cowboys have visited twice during his tenure as a coach.

"There are a lot of benefits," Garrett said. "It's a great training camp environment for us. The weather certainly is great, the fields are really good, the proximity of everything within your day is really good. The weight room and the meeting rooms and everything, it's a really confined area that's easy for us to move around in.

"The people are great. They treat us really well out there, they're very hospitable, and they create a really nice environment for us to get our work done."

The decision for a training camp site may not have belonged to Garrett solely, but it sounds like he's more than happy the team will be practicing in Oxnard over the next three years.

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