Garrett Sees Nothing "Hollow" About Ware

He didn't win the game single-handedly, or even do enough to keep it close, but it's a shame for DeMarcus Ware that his career day is ringing hollow for a lot of people.

As some have termed it, he had four empty sacks against Michael Vick.

Jason Garrett, who spent Monday talking about how each seemingly nondescript play matters in the course of a game, does not feel that way.

"I thought it was an amazing performance," the Cowboys coach said. "We were behind for most of the ball game. Like I said (Sunday) night, I know everyone on our football team continued to play, and there's probably no better example of that than DeMarcus Ware. I think he was credited with 11 tackles in the game, five tackles for loss, including four sacks, and it was an outstanding performance."

Ware had a sack in each quarter of the game, including one on the first play of scrimmage during that brief period in which the Cowboys were still in it. On his third sack, when the Cowboys were down 27-0, he did strip Vick from behind, but the Cowboys couldn't recover the fumble.

Philadelphia did take advantage of his pass rushing in the running game, sucking he and other defenders in, then handing it off to LeSean McCoy, who blew through giant holes on the sprint draw. But considering Rob Ryan's aggressive game plan and without knowing Ware's assignment on a given play, it's hard to say he made a lot of personal errors which led to McCoy's 185 yards.

If Ware breaks the single-season sack record, which he is on pace to do, there won't be an asterisk in the record books because the Cowboys lost so badly to the Eagles.

"It's really almost what you come to expect from the guy week-in and week-out," Garrett said. "He shows up that way. He's an immensely talented guy, but what makes him great is the approach that he takes. He's a very good practice player, and then he plays with such intensity and passion and enthusiasm. He loves to play. He shows up on every play as a run defender, as a pass rusher, and he's just a guy that can really impact a game.

"Even in defeat (Sunday) night, when we didn't play well as a football team, he showed up again."

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