Garrett Sees Reasons For Robinson To Stay

After a breakout season that included 11 touchdown catches, wide receiver Laurent Robinson is due for free agency and has to do what's best for himself and his family.

That could mean taking a big pay day somewhere, possibly even with the Cowboys. But, if the money is close, it might also mean being loyal to the team with which he had all this success.

Robinson has said he wants to stay in Dallas in large part because of the connection he developed with Tony Romo in this offense. Without knowing how far the Cowboys will extend themselves financially to bring Robinson back, head coach Jason Garrett hopes that connection will be a major factor in the receiver's decision.

"We definitely want to compete to get him back," Garrett said. "He is an unrestricted free agent, but I think he understands he's in a good situation here. This has been by far the best year of his career, and I think there's a comfort level he has with our offensive system, with our quarterback and with the guys on our team. And he was productive."

Robinson had only four touchdowns in four seasons before he landed in Dallas. Garrett is counting on him not taking for granted how much fun it was to get in the end zone so often as a major part of the Cowboys offense 2011.

"It's good to be productive when you're a player. It's good to be part of something good like that," Garrett said. "So, there's a business of the NFL that we all have to go through, and we have to make those evaluations, he's got to make those evaluations, but we really want him back. He's a big part of what we've been doing the last year."

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