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Getting To Know: Drew Atchison

Name: Drew Atchison
Position: Tight End
Number: 87 Height/Weight: 6-6, 247
Age: 23
College: William & Mary
NFL Exp: Rookie
How Acquired: FA-'08
Hometown: Charlottesville, Va.

Fitting In: With all the talent at the Cowboys tight end position, Atchison's biggest battle may just be the one for the practice squad. Atchison will have to outperform Rodney Hannah, last year's practice squad tight end, to secure a spot on the seven-man practice team.
So Far: Atchison has caught the ball well at times, but will need to demonstrate more athleticism to secure a spot on the Cowboys roster. He has worked with All-pro tight end Jason Witten, though, who has taught Atchison a lot about being an NFL player and having a great work ethic.
Best Asset: Intelligence. While Atchison isn't the most athletic player on the field, he's had his head buried in the playbook and seems to already have a good grasp on the offense. He can play any one of three tight end positions and believes the coaches have taken notice of his studious approach to the game.
You Should Know: Atchison enjoys watching a good chick-flick sometimes. He recently just finished "Sweet Home Alabama" and is looking forward to his next tear-jerking film.
A Mouthful: "My signing bonus was a $5 dollar foot long." - HBO's Hard Knocks.

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