Getting To Know: Rodney Hannah

Rodney Hannah
Position: Tight End
Number: 44 Height/Weight: 6-6, 255
Age: 23
College: Houston
NFL Exp: 1st year
How Acquired: FA-'07
Hometown: Roseville, Calif.

So Far: After spending all of last year's training camp getting acclimated to football, Hannah feels more comfortable on the field this time around. While he's still working with the fourth unit, he's shown marked improvement and could challenge Curtis for the third tight end spot.
Best Asset: His superior athleticism. Hannah's University of Houston basketball background provides him with a unique skill set that could potentially set him apart from his competition.

You Should Know: Believe it or not, but the 6-6, 255 pound Hannah used to be a skateboarder, and a darn good one to boot, garnering a sponsorship from the skateboarding company "Entity" in high school.

A Mouthful: "Just playing my senior year of college, I didn't learn the initials and the fundamentals that everybody else learned that got to improve through college. I came here untaught, so to speak. So last season was a good learning lesson for me, I got to learn and catch up with everybody else with the fundamentals and the basics of football."

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