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Gut Feeling: Cowboys vs. Bills staff predictions


The Cowboys return to Buffalo for the first time in eight years, facing a Bills team that just knocked off the defending-champion Chiefs. The Cowboys are riding a five-game winning streak, own a 10-3 record but are just 3-3 on the road. Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's game against the Bills.

Patrik Walker: Another week, another major test for the Cowboys. They're 7-0 at home but 3-3 on the road, preparing to visit the hostile confines of Highmark Stadium to battle the Bills, who are 5-2 at home and carry a lot of firepower. Josh Allen has only been sacked 18 times, but pressured on one-third of his snaps, and that tells me the Cowboys' will be able to get in his space, but keeping contain (maybe spy him) and taking him down (not an easy task) will be the key. The weather stands to be rainy but not wintry, so I do expect both offenses to have their respective struggles against it, but Dallas comes out a bit more clean than does Buffalo. 27-21, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: Let me make this one clear – the Cowboys are a better football team than the Bills. The records are indicative of that. But back when Dallas lost to the Eagles, I was adamant about the Cowboys winning five straight games to get to 10-3. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped there, but something didn't let me go past the Bills game. Now that Buffalo is playing a little better with a tough loss in Philly and a win at the Chiefs, coupled with a recent weather report that it's going to be rainy all day, I just don't like the Cowboys' chances here. Winning in this league is very hard and it's even harder to sustain that kind of success. I think the Bills are probably a little more of the hungry team at this point with them fighting for a playoff spot. All of these things don't look good for me to pick the Cowboys. I'm probably going to regret this, but I'll go with the Bills 23-20.

Nick Harris: As each day passes and the conditions for Sunday's game become more clear, I'm losing confidence in the Cowboys' offense being able to keep their hot streak going. With medium wind gusts and heavy rain expected, the offense will need the running game to carry the load and the defense will need to limit the running attack with Josh Allen and James Cook out of the Buffalo backfield. I think it will be a physical game, but one that the Cowboys lose late, 28-26.

Kyle Youmans: I've heard a lot of concern about the rain, the weather, the offensive firepower of the Bills this week. And after watching the Cowboys continue to grow and get better as the season goes on, I still feel like they're built for this moment. There is no margin for error and no room for excuses. This offense has been the best in football and whether they're fighting the elements or not, they're facing a defense that has struggled against teams that push the ball down field and get throws off quickly. Two things Dallas does well. This will be a battle early on, but Dallas pulls away late to win their sixth-straight. Cowboys win 41-23 on the road.

Mickey Spagnola: While both teams have top-ranked offenses, the Cowboys ranked fourth and the Bills fifth, and the Cowboys the top scoring team in the NFL, averaging 32.3 a game, my gut tells me this Cowboys defense must become the difference-maker if they are to win 24-20. The Cowboys defense must continue to play at the high level they did against the Eagles in that 33-13 win. DeMarcus Lawrence tells me that is the "standard" the defense must play to in these big games, and while they did so against the Eagles, they must continue to "show the world" this is us.

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