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Gut Feeling: Cowboys vs. Giants staff predictions


As the Cowboys look to bounce back from a loss to the Eagles, they host the Giants, a team they've already defeated 40-0 in Week 1. Will things be different in the rematch? Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's game against the Giants.

Patrik Walker: Trap game? Not if the Cowboys have learned anything at all from their trip to Arizona, and especially after losing a close one to the Eagles, putting them in position to NEED a three- or four-game win streak to have a chance at a similar record with Philly going into the Week 14 rematch. That said, the Giants are demoralized, downtrodden and hapless, and yet they'll still play the Cowboys like it's the Super Bowl; so match that energy. I believe Dallas does nearly the same thing to them in Texas as they did in New York, regardless of who the QB is. 46-7, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: In the NFL, point spreads can be misleading. On one hand, a 16-point line is astronomical in the NFL. That's a ton of points for one team. Then again, I can't see the Giants staying close to that – in the first half. I know all about trap games and division games and especially if you beat one team 40-0 the first time around, it's going to be vastly different the second time. That's usually the case. The difference here is the Giants are probably a lot worse now than they were in Week 1. The Cowboys, aside from losing Trevon Diggs at cornerback, are probably in better shape, at least on offense. I don't think it'll be a 40-point game but it won't be 16 either. Give me the Cowboys in another home blowout, 41-16.

Kyle Youmans: I'm not sure if there's ever been a week where I've been so confident in a Cowboys win than this week. Not only because of the 40-0 beat down in Week 1, but because of where the Giants are as a team. There was some pride with that team in Week 1, there is little-to-no pride or talent on either side of the ball this week. Sure, they're an NFL team still. And they get paid to play the games just like the Cowboys do. However, they'll get their paychecks for this week after another blowout loss at AT&T Stadium. Cowboys win, 42-3.

Nick Harris: It's been difficult to find a part of Sunday's game where the Cowboys aren't an overwhelming favorite over the Giants, and I think that translates to a big win on Sunday. The defense sets the tone early with a defensive touchdown, the offense carries the momentum throughout the day, and the Giants get a pair of garbage time scores to make the loss more digestible. All in all, give me the Cowboys winning 41-13.

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