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Gut Feeling: Cowboys vs. Patriots staff predictions 


The Cowboys have been a great bounce-back team in the lats two years, going 9-1 after the 10 losses suffered throughout the regular season. The Patriots are trying to get to 2-2 after dropping the first two games of the season and we all know it will be emotional with Ezekiel Elliott now on New England's sideline.

Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's game against the Patriots.

Patrik Walker: I've seen too much of this defense in the McCarthy/Quinn era to believe they'll lay two eggs in a row, and the defensive line in Dallas is formidable-- going against one of the weakest offensive lines in the NFL. I think Christian Gonzalez is a stud, but Jonathan Jones has a bad wheel and is tasked with helping to stop a passing attack that I believe starts to find its groove this week. But every game against Bill Belichick is a nail-biter, so this is going to the wire in a matchup that will see Ezekiel Elliott make a play or two but ultimately fall to his former club. 27-17, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: My feelings for this game are growing progressively worse and worse for the Cowboys. If this game were on Monday night, I might actually flip my pick all together. But all along, since the schedule came out, I didn't really think the Patriots were going to be a major threat. But after watching this team lose to the Cardinals, all bets are off when it comes to initial thoughts and comfortability. Do I think the Cowboys are now incapable of winning some of these games? Of course not. It's just that my guard is up a little bit. Speaking of that, I really hope the Cowboys main "guard" is also up. If Zack Martin plays, I think it changes a lot up front, especially against a Patriots defense that likes to switch their fronts in the middle of the game. I do think Zeke comes back with a lot of emotion and runs his tail off, probably scoring a touchdown or two. This one will be close, but I'll stick with the Cowboys, 23-20.

Kyle Youmans: - I just can't look at this Dan Quinn led defense, and not see a significant turnaround after their performance in Week 3. Dallas has spent all week seething after allowing a 22-yard rushing performance against the Cardinals. The Patriots aren't going to have nearly that number of success. Micah gets after Mac Jones, the defense forces multiple turnovers, and the Cowboys win an ugly offensive matchup, 18-13.

Nick Harris: Despite an ugly performance in week three on the road, I see the Cowboys bouncing back in front of the home crowd against the Patriots. Bill Belichick will throw a lot at Dak Prescott and the offense in this one, but the defense will carry the burden towards a narrow win. Give me the Cowboys, 24-17.

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