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Gut Feeling

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Gut Feeling: Staff Picks For Cowboys-Chiefs


The Cowboys are looking to make a statement. The Chiefs are looking to get back in the playoff race and make a push a for a third straight Super Bowl.

This game has two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but can Dak Prescott prove to the world he's on the same level as Patrick Mahomes? Can the Cowboys become legitimate title contenders this weekend by beating a team that has already climbed the mountain?
Lots of questions to ask but we'll try to provide the answers. The staff gives their 'gut feeling' for this Week 11 matchup between the Chiefs and Cowboys.

Rob Phillips: Is this a statement game for the Cowboys? I guess you could look at it that way because the Chiefs have accomplished so much the last couple years. But the Cowboys have already established themselves as one of the best teams in 2021. Except for the hiccup against Denver, they've been pretty consistent all year, and I think their balance on offense is the deciding factor for me Sunday. Defenses have tried to take away the big play from Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott this season. Dallas has shown the ability to hand it off to Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard and control a game that way. Both teams can score in a hurry, so I agree there probably will be a fair share of points scored -- just maybe not quite as many as most seem to think. I'll take the Cowboys, something like 27-24.

David Helman: I just hope this game comes close to living up to the hype. If we don't see at least 75 combined points and close to 1,000 total yards, I'm going to be extremely disappointed. As far as what's going to happen, I think I just believe? The Cowboys don't need to win this game to accomplish all the goals out in front of them, but this represents an enormous opportunity. If they can win this game, Dak Prescott's MVP candidacy will take off at light speed, and the Cowboys will be firmly established as one of the 2-3 teams to beat in the NFL. They will be unanimously considered a Super Bowl contender. And you know what? I think they're up to the challenge. Dak is playing at that level, the offensive line should be the healthiest it's been in a month and I trust the defense to take the ball away from Patrick Mahomes at least once. It's not going to be easy, but I think the Cowboys are good enough to pull this off in a 41-37 thriller.

Nick Eatman: I'm having trouble with this one because maybe I'm not ready to accept what this season can be for the Cowboys. Maybe I've seen enough heartache over the years that I'm sort of waiting for something to spoil this party. So while beating the Chiefs in Kansas City seems rather unrealistic, I think the Cowboys are the better team. And for some reason, I think they'll be the hungrier team as well even though a loss would hurt more for Kansas City. There's something about this Cowboys team that wants to prove they are undoubtedly a Super Bowl contender. And if they beat the Chiefs Sunday, everyone will have to accept that, even me. I've got the Cowboys outscoring Kansas City. I have a weird assumption that Dalton Schultz will have the best stats of any tight end on the field and I think the defense gets three turnovers. Give me Dallas in a wild one, 38-28.

Kyle Youmans: I've gone back and forth on this decision all week. One day, I think about the Kansas City offense and their massive amount of weapons. But then I think about the Cowboys and THEIR massive amount of fire power. Both teams have the attack, but which has the better defense? Dallas has forced more turnovers, allowed less yardage, and provided more pressure. Even with the game being in Arrowhead, I think the offense keeps their rhythm while the defense just makes a few more plays than the Chiefs do. Give me Dallas winning 38-34 in a classic.

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