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Gut Feeling: Staff Predictions For Cowboys-Colts


The Cowboys are 8-3, and have won four out of five games since Dak Prescott has returned from injury.

The Colts are 1-2 since making a head coaching change, but seem to be a little more competitive with Jeff Saturday now on the sideline.

But what will happen Sunday night? Check out how the staff writers think it'll go down at AT&T Stadium.

Patrik Walker: I don't see how anyone could label this a trap game for the Cowboys, all things considered. They have lessons learned from struggling in the first half against the Lions, had a second half collapse against the Packers and allowed the injury-ravaged Giants a chance to remain competitive in the first half on Thanksgiving. Now comes a Colts team that nearly upset the Eagles and that boasts a very talented defensive front, with an offense headlined by All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor. All of this, along with the fact the Eagles keep winning games, is more than enough reason for the Cowboys to "not overlook" the Colts — as Dak Prescott noted — and I don't believe they will. Prescott avenges being shut out by Indy in their previous meeting and Micah Parsons leads the defense in bottling up the third elite RB in as many games (beating up on Matt Ryan thereafter) to ascend to 9-3 on the season, handily. 34-7, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: In the middle of the Monday Night game between the Colts and Steelers, I watched about four plays in a row of the Indy offense. I saw two bad throws from Matt Ryan, and a run by Jonathan Taylor up the middle for a 1-yard gain. With that "huge" sample size of plays, I got out my phone to send an implying tweet of "9-3" ...then I thought better of it. No need to do all of that right now, even though I really didn't see a way the Cowboys would lose this game. And I still don't. Sure, the Colts will probably give it a little bit of a fight considering it's national TV again and everyone plays the Cowboys a little tougher than others – aside from the Vikings. But I think Dallas will be too much. I see the defense having a big day with both sacks and turnovers and this time, they'll take one to the house. "Howl" about a touchdown from Leighton Vander Esch this week. The Cowboys will be too much, winning something like 34-16 to officially get themselves to 9-3.

Hailey Sutton: This matchup reminds me a lot of what we saw with the Giants last week – a running back that will threaten the integrity of a team still trying to polish up its run defense. However, the Cowboys have seen success in locking up two of the best backs in the league in back-to-back weeks. No perfect team for Dallas to test out how much they have improved on that aspect of their game than on a Colts offense literally surviving on the play of Jonathan Taylor. Matt Ryan (who's already the most sacked QB in the league) better buckle up. I believe the defense will shine, and Dak Prescott will get that elusive touchdown vs the Colts on Sunday (and then some!) I'm taking Cowboys 35-13.

Kyle Youmans: Kyle Youmans: The records may not look the same, but this matchup reminds me a lot of how the Thanksgiving game against the Giants looked. A roster scattered with injuries despite some key pieces remaining. Both teams had a high-level rushing game behind a subject offensive line in pass protection, and a turnover prone quarterback. With all that in mind, Dallas remains the much stronger team across the board and should be heavy favorites at home. It won't be a blowout because the Colts aren't built that way. However, Dallas takes care of business early before Indianapolis closes the gap late. Dallas wins, 27-19.

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