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Gut Feeling: Writers react to Tyler Guyton selection


FRISCO, Texas – The NFL Draft began Thursday night with 13 straight offensive players taken, including six quarterbacks. That created quite a buzz, and one that left some key players still on the board. The Cowboys, as expected, made a trade from 24 to 29 and picked up Tyler Guyton. Let's see what the staff writers had to say about the pick and how it all went down:

Nick Eatman: I'm not going to lie, I was pulling for Graham Barton at No. 24. I think there's something to be said for taking the best player at the position, especially one of need. But the Cowboys were thinking more long-term with Guyton, who probably needs a little more development, but the upside of a premium position usually wins out. What initially scares me is the lack of starts from Guyton, who has just 14 – but then again, I actually mocked them taking Amarius Mims from Georgia, and he had just eight in his career. If you can play, you can play – and the Cowboys believe Guyton can certainly do that. He's got the length and the feet, being a converted tight end, to be a great left tackle. I also believe this move, and not taking Barton, shows how much the Cowboys like Brock Hoffman and T.J. Bass as potential center candidates.

Patrik Walker: They did exactly what I hoped and predicted (via mock draft) them to do: trade back with the Detroit Lions to gain the 73rd-overall pick while still attacking the offensive line in the first round. Enter Tyler Guyton, a former tight end who brings ton of athleticism to the offensive tackle position and a frame that is not easily moved around. And while he'll need to be more consistent in run blocking, the strength and footwork are definitely there, and his pass protection is some of the best you'll see in this draft class.

Nick Harris: While there were other tackles on the board that the Cowboys may have had higher up, the upside for Tyler Guyton is through the roof. Relatively new to playing football after growing up playing basketball, Guyton is still relatively raw which is something that excites Mike McCarthy. It will take a crash course to get him ready to start day one at left tackle, but once he is able to develop under Mike Solari, he has All-Pro upside that will make the Cowboys look pretty smart a couple of years from now.

Mickey Spagnola: Let's remember this. The Cowboys were drafting 24th in the first round of the NFL Draft. Twenty-fourth now, not even 15th. They only had 13 first round grades. They settled by trading down to wind up with no less than the seventh best offensive tackle selected on Thursday. That's how they ended up with a somewhat inexperienced Tyler Guyton, a Texas kid who played at Oklahoma. But here is the key to this first-round pick. What they do with the third round pick they received from Detroit in the trade from 24 to 29. That's the kicker to this trade down. Got to make that third-round pick glitter when you don't have a fourth. Either by hitting on a keeper there or potentially using that pick to maybe move up in the second round for a player at a position you just got to have. That's how Tyler Guyton should be initially judged.

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