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Hamstring Injuries Have Slowed Cowboys Since Camp

IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys could almost field an entire team with players who have suffered a hamstring pull since training camp.

Among a handful of obstacles the Cowboys have faced, from penalties to turnovers to a lack of a running game, injuries is high on the list, with hamstring problems at the forefront.

Anthony Spencer, Lance Dunbar, Dez Bryant, Jason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware all suffered minor hamstring tweaks or pulls at some point in the preseason or regular season. Miles Austin's hamstring pull was more significant, forcing him out for the preseason.

But even that didn't compare to the hamstring and back injuries of fourth round pick Matt Johnson, who is just now returning to practice from the setbacks he suffered in training camp.

Wide receiver Raymond Radway probably wouldn't have joined the practice squad this week had Danny Coale not tweaked a hamstring. It sounds like Kevin Ogletree might also have a minor hamstring issue as well.

Radway is no stranger to injuries either, still working his way back to form after breaking his leg last year. 

"We feel like he's more healthy now and we needed a receiver on the practice roster, just really to help us function in practice," said head coach Jason Garrett. "We thought he was a good one to give another chance to."

Hamstring injuries are difficult to figure out. They occur sporadically and suddenly, some worse than others, and tend to linger. Despite all the battered hamstrings and the recent impediments for the backup receivers, many of the Cowboys are finally returning to health. Defensive lineman Jay Ratliff is back on the practice field for the first time in the regular season.

"Sometimes it's good to get away," Garrett said. "We've been a team that's been banged up, like most teams in the league, and the bye week gives you a chance to get healed up, get refreshed."

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