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Hamstrung By More Injuries, Frustrated Scandrick Knows 'I'm Just Not Myself'

FRISCO, Texas– For 16 straight games, Orlando Scandrick had to watch his teammates suffer through a dismal 2015 season that saw the Cowboys lose 12 games, including six by a touchdown or less.

The team's best cornerback in 2014, Scandrick was more than frustrated as he sat on the sidelines, rehabbing a torn ACL injury that he sustained in training camp.

But now, here we are two games into the 2016 schedule and the frustration level might not be the same, but it's still rather high.

The reconstructed knee is fine. It's the hamstrings – yes, plural – that have made the veteran cornerback less than 100 percent.

"I'm just not myself," Scandrick said in the locker room on Wednesday. "It's encouraging that it's not my knee. That repair is holding up strong. But the facts are the facts. I haven't played in a year, and after two games, I haven't been able to play fully. I'm extremely sore today."

[embeddedad0]Scandrick played in a limited role last week against the Redskins and didn't take all of the reps in a Week 1 loss to the Giants. In both games, Scandrick has given up a big play, including a touchdown to Washington's Jamison Crowder last Sunday. He also trailed on a long completion to the Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. that led to another touchdown.

"It's not the fact that I'm giving up passes, it's the movements," Scandrick said. "I know how I was moving, and I know how I felt at camp. I just don't feel like that now. I'm not right. It's becoming a point where I have to get myself right. I felt like I played through what was a tough, gruesome week. I came in here Monday and I was extremely sore."

Scandrick isn't sure what the plan will be for Sunday's game with the Bears, but he's certainly hoping to be much closer to 100 percent.

"I couldn't tell you what the reasoning is. It's frustrating," Scandrick said as to why he suddenly has hamstring issues. "I still have faith. When I look at the big picture, my right knee feels great. I just need to get to feeling like myself again."

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