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Health Conscious

!Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain the first week of training camp.

first round in 2009, combining for nine missed games their rookie year, not counting the holdout of Michael Crabtree. The most explosive of the crop, Minnesota's Percy Harvin only sat out one game, but was questionable virtually every week as the season went on. Bryant will be a sensation if he can avoid that sort of nagging pain, or until he realizes how to play through it.  

Many young players have to learn the difference between being hurt and being injured, and how much pain they can play with and tolerate. Jones, for instance, needed some time to figure out how to take care of his body after a practice, after a game, and during the week.  

On the bus from Reliant Stadium to the airport this weekend, I listened to DeMarcus Ware describe to one of Bryant's fellow rookies all the things he does to keep himself healthy, including weekly massages and chiropractic work. The rookie's first question was whether the team insurance plan covered the stuff, or if it came out of Ware's pocket. Ware told him it was worth the money. They'll learn, Bryant included, but it may take a season or two. 

That's why I compare Bryant to Jones. If healthy he will be special in this first season. If healthy.         

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