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Here Is Who Jerry Will Be Watching

practice," Jones said. "You're compelled to say let's see him move like that in the games." 

  No doubt. Let's continue. 

  Courtney Brown: The Cowboys moved last year's seventh-round pick from corner to safety, and early in this training camp to first-team nickel at safety, next to Ken Hamlin, and coming in for Roy Williams ahead of incumbent Pat Watkins. Brown seems to have a nose for the football, meaning he doesn't hesitate to break on those underneath throws. That's practice. Let's see when someone can really beat him for a touchdown that counts if he still has the necessary nerve.  "I've got to tell you, I like Brown, and anxious to see Brown who has done some good things," Jones said. 

  Young Corners: This is a no-brainer since this is the most roster competitive position on the team. At this point, there would seem to be seven corners trying to fit into six spots since Quincy Butler, the eighth guy, still isn't working (hamstring) and is losing touch with the others. If we assume Newman, Anthony Henry, Mike Jenkins, Adam Jones and Scandrick will make the final 53, then that leaves one more available spot if only six are kept, meaning Alan Ball and Oglesby will be battling for that if everyone stays healthy. Right now, Oglesby has been the second Oxnard MVP, already totaling seven interceptions during team drills during the two weeks. Ball (ankle) just got back from injury. 

  "We've got two rookie corners out there, Ball, and we know what Adam (Jones) can do, but anxious to see him play," said Jones, knowing Adam Jones will be playing in his first real football game since the 2006 season-ender. "And Oglesby, guys like that there.  "I'm glad we've gotten the work out of those secondary guys that we've got, especially those corners with Terence Newman and those guys being out. That's going to be good to see them." 

  There are some others, too, guys such as last year's first-round pick Anthony Spencer, who is expected to get a bunch of snaps behind Greg Ellis at the strong outside linebacker spot. And there's the two young tight ends, Tony Curtis and rookie Martellus Bennett. 

  And of course, rookie free agent Danny Amendola, who is catching everyone's eye at wide receiver, and to the point the club wants to see what he can do on special teams returning punts. That is something even head coach Wade Phillips is curious about. 

  "Want to see if he does what's he's doing in practice," Phillips said. "We want to get him a few opportunities." 

  And isn't that what these preseason games are about, especially the first one and maybe the second one; especially the second halves and fourth quarters? Just getting guys opportunities and guys taking advantage of their opportunities. 

  "That's what I've got to do," Oglesby said. 

  Because he knows Saturday night everyone will be watching. 

  Especially the owner.                                     

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