Hidden Handful

Ware was flagged for a personal face mask, giving the Packers a first down at the 25.

    • James Jones Fumble - On the Packers' first offensive drive, wide receiver James Jones caught a third-down pass but was stripped of the ball by rookie safety Barry Church near midfield. But instead of the two Cowboys defenders closest to the play being able to recover it, it landed right to Green Bay's Jordy Nelson, who alertly got three more yards on the play. * Field-Goal Block/Punt - After Green Bay's first drive stalled, it was surprising the Packers decided to attempt a 54-yard field goal and risk giving up good field position with a potential miss. Maybe Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy knew that Jay Ratliff would block the kick, but it bounced awkwardly and landed about 10 yards backward and then Terence Newman lost his balance and kicked the ball backwards three yards for a 10-yard penalty. Maybe Green Bay should've punted the ball, but the Cowboys still got it on their own 18, and of course, did nothing with the possession. Only the Cowboys can block a field goal at their own 36 and lose 18 yards. * D-Ware's Facemask - Late in the second quarter, the Cowboys trailed 14-0 although it felt much worse than that. DeMarcus Ware made a tackle for loss back at the Green Bay 10 which would've set up a third-and-7. And pinned back that deep, the Packers might have elected to be somewhat conservative. Instead, Ware was flagged for a personal face mask, giving the Packers a first down at the 25. Green Bay would eventually march down for another touchdown and a 21-point lead. * Matthews Interception - Sure, the Cowboys knew the game was out of reach in the fourth quarter, trailing 38-7, but the offense was trying to produce something. Felix Jones had a few decent runs, followed by a 30-yard pass to Jason Witten, which got the Cowboys down to the Packers' 30. But just when it appears something positive could happen, that's when Kitna's pass to Miles Austin got deflected right into the hands of Clay Matthews, who promptly outran everyone to the end zone for a 62-yard touchdown. * McCray's penalty - Not that this play really would've mattered much, but punter Mat McBriar had a 57-yard punt that rolled out of bounds at the Packers' 2. However, the officials ruled that gunner Danny McCray went out of bounds on his own, resulting in a 5-yard penalty and re-kick. The Packers this time got the ball at the 23. That 21-yard difference didn't mean much, only symbolizing the kind of night it was for the Cowboys. Anything remotely positive was quickly flipped the other way.
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