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Hidden Meaning

!David Buehler showed he's at least ready for the 2010 regular season, hitting the game-winning kick.

was playing! Two more sacks and two forced fumbles in a row. Seriously? And say what you want about the backups, but Butler did that against Miami's starting right tackle in Vernon Carey.

Maybe Butler needs a few more snaps. He's done everything you could've asked him to do.

And let's mention Phil Costa as well. This guy played the whole game at center and while it's hard to tell - even Jason Garrett said he has "no idea" just how Costa performed - he seemed to hold his own in the middle. And like Butler, Costa played nearly two quarters against the starters.

It's not like the running game went off or anything, but Costa I think at least showed he could be serviceable as a backup guard and center.

While we saw a few guys help the decision-making process, there are still some cloudy areas, like the fourth cornerback. Cletis Gordon has been the best out of Jamar Wall and Bryan McCann, but he didn't have his best game.

The third tight end spot is open although Martin Rucker might be the favorite to claim it, unless of course the Cowboys find something better off the waiver wire.

Never are all the questions answered. That just doesn't happens. But at least we answered a few from this game. The Cowboys are set for now at kicker. They saw some potential from their third quarterback. They found a backup center and guard and know they've got some depth at outside linebacker.

Not bad for a meaningless game.

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