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How Does Adding Melton Affect The Cowboys' Draft?


So does signing Henry Melton, who is a three-technique, give the Cowboys cause to change their minds about not taking a one-technique defensive tackle in the first round? There should be one or two of those guys at No. 16 worth taking.

Rowan: It probably opens up the field more, but I don't think it should completely change their way of thinking. If a guy like Aaron Donald is still available at No. 16, I'd still consider taking him even if Melton is the new three-technique. There's still a lot of unknown about how he'll bounce back from the ACL injury. I think the team's decision not to want a one-technique in the first round is more to do with the scheme, and snagging a three-technique doesn't change that much.

David: In general, I don't think the same value is assigned to a one-technique as a three-technique. The one-tech is supposed to eat space and stop the run, while the three-tech is more of a pass rusher – so one skillset is much more valuable than the other. I don't think the addition of Melton would stop them from drafting Aaron Donald if he's there, but it's not going to change their evaluation of first round talent. That doesn't mean they can't further address their defensive line, though.

Dallas had the worst defense in the NFL last year and one of the worst all time. Doesn't that mean that every position and player could use an upgrade?

David:Yeah, pretty much. I think the one guy on this defense who is undoubtedly one of the best at his position is Sean Lee, and he hasn't been able to stay on the field consistently to this point in his career. So yeah, I think the Cowboys could stand to get younger, healthier and just downright better at just about every position on defense. That's what these moves in free agency have been about, in my opinion. No, the Cowboys have not improved their defense so far this spring, and you could [embedded_ad] argue they won't have improved it by signing an older player like Allen or Melton. But they appear to be setting the blueprint to get younger and revamp the roster. Whether that works isn't as easily answered.

Rowan: Yes. When Sean Lee's healthy he's one of the top linebackers in the league, and they're paying Brandon Carr to be a top defensive player, so he's going to be a starter. Other than that, every spot could and should be up for grabs and could use upgrades. I think the issues start with the defensive line and work their way back, but there's not a position that couldn't use help defensively.

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