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How Soon We Forget

up his side of the field the last two games against the Eagles, limiting both Jeremy Maclin and Jackson to barely anything during the back-to-back wins. If you remember, Newman probably would've intercepted a deep ball, intended for Jackson, had Jenkins not come flying in to knock it away.  

OK, so Newman was one of the culprits on that long pass against the Chargers, immediately following DeMarcus Ware's injury. But that's about it for him. He's not really giving up anything. In fact, Jenkins has allowed more touchdowns here lately than Newman, if you count the one to Jeremy Maclin last week from Michael Vick. 

All right, we don't need to get this into a Jenkins vs. Newman debate. I think Jenkins has already had that once in training camp and it was way overblown. They're competing against Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian - not each other.  

But I just wanted to point out that while Mike Jenkins is clearly playing the best football of his career, the same could and should be said about Newman. The difference, of course, is our expectations.  

Jenkins is where he is simply because he's stepped up his game. Terence Newman hasn't leveled off. In fact, he's probably having one of his better seasons as well.  

Jenkins or Newman? Doesn't really matter. The Cowboys get to choose both, and both are major reasons why the Cowboys are so dominating on defense.      

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