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Injuries Forcing Cowboys To Keep Both WR's

wide receiver we heard about in college. It happened the other day when Denver cut Taylor Jacobs. Ok, he's a name.  

  But that doesn't mean he, or any other released receiver, can step right in and be better than what they've got.  

  And let's get back to just that - what they've got.  

  Because of injuries, the Cowboys not only have Amendola and Jefferson, but they might have to play them both in Cleveland.  

  Let that digest a bit. One more time for emphasis.  

  Two players who were definitely on the outside looking in about four weeks ago, not only have the inside track to make the 53-man roster, but they very well could be donning those blue jerseys in the Dawg Pound on Sept. 7 as part of the 45-man game-day roster.  


  Even Amendola says he's a bit surprised at his current situation.  

  "Coming into the NFL as an undrafted free agent, I wasn't sure if I could play at this level," the former Texas Tech standout said. "Now, I think I can. When it's all said and done, and camp is over, I think I can play at this level."  

  Of course, Amendola can only hope that Jerry Jones is in agreement with that.  

  But he might not have a choice. Just like with Jefferson, who admitted after the game that he was a little winded after playing the whole game.  

  "Man, I haven't done that in a while, couple years," said Jefferson, who spent last season on the Cowboys' practice squad. "I don't know what's going to happen. The thing is, I can't control it. I can just worry about myself. Going out there, lining up right, running the right routes and catching the ball. That's all I could do."  

  Jefferson led the team with three catches for 36 yards. Nothing too exciting. Amendola's night of two catches for 17 yards, along with four kick returns for 36 yards wasn't much better.  

  But in this preseason, and this situation, it doesn't come down to what Jefferson or Amendola did. It's what they didn't do.  

  And they didn't get hurt.  

  That alone might just be their ticket to the 53-man roster.                                                                                        

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