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It's Defense Once Again

like to see. We would like to get more turnovers. We would like to sack them more. We let them get away from us earlier in the ball game and make a big play out of a play DeMarcus had a sack on. We still got work to do."

Now that sentence sounded more like defensive coordinator Wade, then head coach Wade, and that's fine. He has to wear both hats like that.

You always want something to chew on for the week. But if only getting one sack, although they had two others called back, and only getting one interception, despite it being the game-winner, is the biggest problem to come out after allowing six points in a victory, then it must be a pretty stout defense.

The defense was great Sunday. That's why the Cowboys escaped with a win. The defense has been pretty great all year. And that's why they're 7-3.

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